Events & Calendar

2023 - 2024

July 31
First Day of School

October 2-6
Fall Break

November 6-7
Election break

November 20-24
Thanksgiving break

December 22
Last day first semester

December 25 - January 5
Christmas break

January 8
First day of school second semester

February 16-19
Presidents' break

March 11-15
Winter break

March 29 - April 1
Easter break

May 17
Last day of school 2023-2024

May 18

All through the school year there are:
- Field trips
- Moms night out
- Parents night out
- Parent workshop
- Turkey egg shoot
- Student performances
- Visitors
- and more….

Please view the calendar below for specifics.

Tomorrow's leaders

Tomorrow's Leaders!

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Ahlberg Academy’s 6-week summer school is an active, fun game-based program to enhance focus, attention and critical thinking skills.

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The Telly Awards. Honoring excellence in video and television across all screens. Ahlberg Academy won this prestigious award in 2005 for their depiction of “The 1 room schoolhouse for the 21st Century”. Students participated in the production of this film.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Ahlbergs.
Brittany Breaux graduate 2005
I like school because there are no jerks. We get to go outside and play.
Leo V. age 9
I love my school because I get to do presentations.
Elijah M. age 9
I love that my school uses materials, so we understand better.
Amy M. age 9
My school has made me a better reader.
Tristan H. age 11

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