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    An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.
    Thomas Jefferson
    An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.
    Thomas Jefferson


The 1 Room Schoolhouse


From the very beginnings of our republic dating to colonial, pre-revolutionary times, education was considered of paramount importance to Americans. The one-room schoolhouse produced a citizenry with the highest literacy rate in our nation’s history. During the War of 1812, boys as young as twelve served as Admirals. French journalist Alexis de Tocqueville toured the United States and was amazed at not only the morality but the fact that every citizen understood the Constitution. 1 room schoolhouse students also grew in maturity as they looked out for one another.

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The desire for good educational opportunities resulted in the establishment of tens of thousands of the fabled 1 room schoolhouse. Newly founded communities first established a church and a schoolhouse. In smaller communities, school was sometimes held in houses of worship or worship was held in the schoolhouse, with a single structure serving as both.

The 1 room schoolhouse provided personal, one-on-one instruction; older students as positive role models tutoring the younger ones; self-reliance as students progressed based upon their own hard work and diligence; and, perhaps, most importantly, community values instilled within the students.

We now know that the 1 room schoolhouse was unique in that it was a community affair bringing local citizens, parents, teachers and faith together for a single purpose: a God-centered education. Constructing the schoolhouse, hiring the teacher, determining curriculum, and scheduling the sessions was a community effort.

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The 1 room schoolhouse continued to be a community affair long after its establishment. The result being an enormous success providing students with a valuable educational experience, knowledge of the Constitution, faith in God, instilling moral values and good work ethics, all contributing to the community as a whole.


Contrast that with today’s public system of education.

Modern public education’s curriculum is mandated by Washington, D. C. bureaucrats and endorsed by liberal teachers’ unions, a curriculum that often indoctrinates our children with suspect ideologies. Plummeting test scores and lower literacy rates are the by-products of Common Core Instruction.

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Today’s public education teaches a revisionist history that casts doubt upon our founding principles and even promote pseudo-scientific theories that have children questioning our creation and their own God-given gender. Public education, more often than not, does not stress the importance of hard work, self-reliance, respect, discipline, patriotism, honesty and religion in our lives. In the name of diversity and multi-culturalism, Western classic literature is often banned and today’s teachers are forced to use textbooks adopted by those same out-of-touch bureaucrats.

It is no wonder that more and more parents are yearning for an alternative because our children deserve better. At Ahlberg Academy, we believe our students deserve the best!

I have been thrilled to watch my teen grow and stretch as a student at Ahlberg Academy! I’m looking forward to seeing how far she can go as she is encouraged and supported by her teachers and the other students!
Christie M.

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