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    The 1 Room Schoolhouse

    for the 21st Century

    The 1 Room Schoolhouse for the 21st Century

Who We Are

The 1 Room Schoolhouse is Alive and Well

Our Mission : God has created each unique individual for His specific purpose, according to His plan for His Kingdom. We should strive toward being healthy Christians (3 John 1:2).

Ahlberg Academy has provided accredited education since 2003 with a curriculum featuring many award-winning and successful approaches to education. Much like the one-room school house, the “basics” of education are stressed, but Ahlberg Academy’s philosophy believes there is more to education than just the basics and this is what makes an Ahlberg education unique. Students gain grade levels as they demonstrate competence or have the opportunity to gain the needed skills without having to endure a label.

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Working Together

Like the 1 room schoolhouse, Ahlberg Academy partners with parents, and does not alienate them from their children’s education. Through this partnership, we raise children to be Christian leaders - involved and mature citizens, with a sense of discipline and a respect for others, hard work ethic and self-reliance. Our graduates leave Ahlberg Academy with a wide-ranging, well-rounded education, and ready for the world.

They become respectful employees and employers focused on attaining the American Dream.

Other advantages include:
• Positive role models
• One on one attention
• Higher retention
• Self reliance

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Students, parents and staff all working together

Parents Are Our Partners

We partner with parents. This means Ahlberg Academy has a dual allegiance to the parents and to God Almighty to build character and skills. It is our duty as educators and Christians to equip each student for God’s purpose.

Equipping goes beyond educating for a high GPA. We hope to raise complete, well rounded people, who love to learn and live by solid values. An equipped person is independent yet in pursuit of a healthy, purposeful Christian life. This work has to be done in collaboration with peers, teachers, and parents, who are ultimately responsible for their child’s education.”

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John Ahlberg

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Ellen Ahlberg
Program Director

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Kasey McFarland

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Bill Keel

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Sean Catlett

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Maria Catlett

Board of Directors

John Ahlberg

Ellen Ahlberg
Program Director

John Anderson
Services General Manager, NCR

Dwight Henderson
Contractor, Pastor

Keith Johnston

Dave Smith
Owner, Smith Tool & Design Company

Tyler Squires
Alumni, Owner, Squires Audio

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The Ahlberg Academy is located in the original Nelson school built back in 1900

Ahlberg Academy is filled with love that flows from the Holy Spirit in order to help students grow closer to Christ, learn who He has made them to be and to work in excellence. This accredited program has helped students for many years that now lead strong, moral lives. This location will be exciting for a new generation of learners.
Suzie M.

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Prepared for life-long success

Prepared for life-long success